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Wairarapa Heat Pump Cleaning was established in 2015 by Paul Richardson. Paul is a qualified Engineer with many years of experience in a variety of engineering services, including preventative maintenance. Paul was born in Masterton, he moved away to work in various areas before returning home to raise his family in Masterton. He enjoys the Wairarapa lifestyle and thinks the Wairarapa is a wonderful place to live.

Paul could see a need in the market for a specific heat pump cleaning business due to the increased number of heat pumps being installed in houses. He was aware that many of these were not being fully maintained leading to heat pumps being overworked and the potential for early failure of the units. Some servicemen were repairing heat pumps but not cleaning the coils.

Paul came to the conclusion that it does no one any good to replace a mechanical component on a non-working heat pump and leave a partially blocked outdoor and/ or indoor coil dirty. You have fixed the problem but not the cause. A heat pump can last up to 15 years when serviced correctly, instead of 5 or 6 years if not looked after.